[LiMA REKOMENDUOJA] The Future of Work / Next generation of marketing experts. Do you have what...

[LiMA REKOMENDUOJA] The Future of Work / Next generation of marketing experts. Do you have what it takes?

2020-11-26 18:00, Online | Dalyvauja: 0 Registracijos terminas: 2020-11-26


Have you ever thought if you would have the right skills and knowledge to deal with marketing if it would be 2023? Become a one-step-ahead marketing professional today and hear the best insights from the businesses on how future marketing will look alike.

TOP experts from Google, Ad Fingers, and ISM will share their hands-on experience on marketing challenges that businesses face and how they are expected to change in the upcoming years. Speakers will discuss how to address these challenges and how to enhance solutions made by marketing professionals for better off. Finally, experts will share what kind of marketing professional will be most wanted in the job market and what qualities you have to have to make it your success.


Vytautas Kubilius, Country Manager at Google
Marta Jurkšaitienė, ISM alumna, CEO of Ad Fingers
Lineta Ramonienė, Programme Director at ISM, and Managing Partner at CRC Consulting



About "The Future of Work' events:

Get the most sophisticated insights from business leaders, experts, and innovators and build your future-proof career! Together with Cognizant Lithuania, the world's leading professional services company, we are bringing the knowledge and expertise to discuss the future of work. During the cycle of lectures and discussions, you will have an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in what is going to happen shortly and understand what is already reshaping the global economy and labor markets. Find the list of upcoming 'The Future of work' webinars here:

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