The balancing act of prices and discounts: how to make the most of it? With Jana Volovika

The balancing act of prices and discounts: how to make the most of it? With Jana Volovika

The balancing act of prices and discounts: how to make the most of it? With Jana Volovika

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Giving a discount seems like the best way to attract customers. Sometimes it gives immediate increase in sales, but sometimes it does not. Sometimes it gives an increase in sales at first, but then the results go down over time.

How can we know what price and sales promotion level will help us achieve the maximum sales and profit result in the market?

This session will help participants to understand the key concepts necessary to take pricing and promotional decisions.
- How to read supply and demand curves to forecast volumes and decide on the price?;
- We will discuss different price setting methods, their advantages and disadvantages;
- We will look at metrics that can help us understand whether we should do a sales promotion for an item or not;
- We will look into market data to illustrate the concepts discussed;
- The data necessary to make proper pricing and promotion decisions;
- Rules of thumb in marketing budget planning;
- Pricing methodologies and pricing strategies;
- What will help you win the shoppers?

After the session the participants will be able to critically assess their pricing and promotional strategies as well understand if they have all the necessary inputs for the decision making.

The event is for:
FMCG professionals (retailers and manufacturers), marketing professionals and managers, sales managers, brand specialists, category people: anyone in the company who is involved in making pricing decisions, promotional budget allocation and choosing the products for a sales promotion.

The event will be held in English!

Lecturer of the seminar:




Jana Volovika

NIELSENIQ, Category Management Expert,
Category Management Association Board Advisor

Jana has more than 10 years of experience in Retail, with expertise starting in store operations, category management to private label development and brand management. She is specialized in strategy development and execution; shopper and customer insights as well as sustainability and corporate responsibility topics within current retail setup are among her particular interests.

Jana delivers a series of workshops with an integrated perspective that combines manufacturing, retailing and use of data and analytics. She leads NielsenIQ Category Management Consulting for the EE region and as of February 2020 she is part of the advisors group to the Category Management Association board.

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2021 April 22 (Thursday) 16:00


~ 1,5 h.


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