[LiMA REKOMENDUOJA] Reshaping Consumer Centred Marketing

[LiMA REKOMENDUOJA] Reshaping Consumer Centred Marketing

2022-09-21 13:00, Kaunas, Kauno technologijos universitetas, Ekonomikos ir verslo fakultetas, Gedimino g. 50 | Dalyvauja: 0 Registracijos terminas: 2022-09-21

“I Want it All and I Want it Now”*

The consumer has always been at the centre of business and social marketing. However, technology transformation has reshaped consumer behaviour patterns and, in turn, is continuously rearranging the role of marketing. Significant changes in individual lives and business environment encourage to search for new opportunities and approaches to both strategic and tactical marketing decisions. This situation becomes especially essential in the Post-COVID World, where sustainable growth and sustainable consumption become fundamental pathways of technology-enabled daily life.

We invite papers dealing with, but not exclusive to, a wide range of consumer-centred marketing topics: Technology-enabled consumer behaviour patterns; Sustainable consumption; Consumer vulnerability and privacy research; Strategic marketing shift towards digitalisation and sustainable growth; Digital sales and Marketing management; Service, retailing and consumer experience; Branding and Innovation; International and Cross-cultural marketing; Consumer Psychology, etc.

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Kauno technologijos universitetas, Ekonomikos ir verslo fakultetas, Gedimino g. 50, Kaunas 

Data ir laikas:

2022 rugsėjo 21 - 23 d.


Pirminė kaina: 400 €
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Anne-Laure Marteaux:

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