[LiMA REKOMENDUOJA] How to put your B2B marketing on the right track for 2023?

[LiMA REKOMENDUOJA] How to put your B2B marketing on the right track for 2023?

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31% of Lithuanian B2B companies say their marketing efficiency is average or even worse. Those, that are more efficient, still deal with many challenges from navigating through complexities of their client’s decision making journeys to dealing with challenges brought by external environment. If we like to blame lack of budget for all problems, for Lithuanian B2B marketers it takes only the 6th place on the list of most common challenges.

For the first time ever, we have data on how Lithuanian B2B companies approach their marketing, what are their priorities and what are the most common practices in the market – even if they are not always the best practices. This is a good source of inspiration for decision makers, looking for ways to improve their B2B marketing efficiency this year.

In this webinar, Jorė Astrauskaitė, Strategist at We Are Marketing, will share the results of the B2B Marketing in Lithuanian companies’ survey, that was implemented in 2022. With 188 participants, it’s so far the only deeper and data-based analysis of local B2B marketing landscape, giving benchmarks for performance and observing where the whole market has still to develop.

The overview of Survey’s results will be complemented by practical insights on where should brands focus in the beginning of 2023 so they can put their B2B marketing on the right track.

About Jorė Astrauskaitė:
With 10+ years of experience in marketing and communication field, currently J. Astrauskaitė is focusing on B2B marketing as a strategist at “We Are Marketing”. For the last 4 years she is helping Lithuanian and foreign B2B businesses to develop their positioning, go-to-market and lead-generation strategies. Each strategy is an opportunity to dig deep into the new industry. Added together, they give a good practical understanding of what helps for companies to be successful in making their B2B marketing work and deliver positive results for the overall business growth.

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