[LiMA REKOMENDUOJA] Baltic Brand Forum & Awards 2024

[LiMA REKOMENDUOJA] Baltic Brand Forum & Awards 2024

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Baltic Brand Forum returns to Riga and celebrates the 20th anniversary of brand ranking

The sixth annual Baltic Brand forum is gearing up to be very serious about not being serious by focusing on the use of humor and entertainment as one of the most powerful tools in marketing and brand building. Despite being backed by numerous local and global studies, the past decade has witnessed the curious disappearance of humor from marketing communications – it's as if it has gone missing. The fact is, humor not only amuses but also drives sales growth, and it's time to rediscover and harness its power.

To celebrate the Power of Humor, the Baltic Brand Forum is set to take place in Riga, Latvia, on September 20th at the Riga Circus, a venue widely known for its whimsical charm and entertainment.

Brand experts and industry leaders from various countries will participate in panel discussions and lectures, sharing their knowledge and expertise. Among the keynote speakers is Paddy Gilmore, CEO & Founder of brand humor consultancy “Studio Gilmore” and one of Europe’s top humor consultants, recognized for his work with high-caliber brands. The forum will also feature Salma Gaj Topham, the Editorial Content Producer at OATLY, a brand celebrated for its bold and witty approach. Joining the stage is also Magnus Magnusson, the Creative Director behind some of the most iconic "Promote Iceland" campaigns which have garnered global industry recognition and numerous awards.
The event will also feature an awards ceremony recognizing the most outstanding Baltic brands in different categories. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Baltic Brand Rankings, an exclusive “Secret Gig” performance will be followed by one of the most iconic music bands in the Baltics.

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2024 m. rugsėjo 20 d. 


Riga Circus, Merķeļa g. 4, Ryga, Latvija

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