[LiMA rekomenduoja] DeX 08 | Remote work: in transition

[LiMA rekomenduoja] DeX 08 | Remote work: in transition

2020-04-07 17:00, Vilnius | Dalyvauja: 0 Registracijos terminas: 2020-04-07


 With everyone posting about remote and every freelancer becoming a remote work expert, there is still little insights of what really happens behind the conference calls, chats, team and slack messages.

While remote work is a practical solution for now, many individuals, teams and managers lack hands-on experience and systematic skills to structuring the organizational culture, processes and systems to support virtual teams without a loss of productivity or output quality.


This online meet-up is dedicated to deep-diving on the following questions:
-How do the current changes impact team dynamics, processes, communication, collaboration and productivity?
-How does remote work at a big scale?
-What are the key principles, successful strategies and best tools for remote work operations What are the pitfalls and blind spots to be aware of?
-What are the different approaches to remote transition across sectors and even countries?
-How can teams build on existing remote work culture to achieve the best performance and maintain motivation?



Marius Ivanauskas, Head of Telia Global Services Lithuania
Šarūnas Legeckas, General manager Greater Europe at N26
Alex Nechoroskovas, Director of marketing and Growth at Toptal
Povilas Blusius, Head of market research, Fontes
Aurelija Urbonavičiūtė, Head of Anatomy


DeX: Designing Experiences is a series of interdisciplinary business
knowledge exchange meetups.




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